Visitor management systems are becoming more widespread in the workplace. Unfortunately, many consumers are still unaware of their benefits, and many organizations are failing to take advantage of what visitor management systems have to offer.


Some business executives may believe that visitor management systems primarily help huge firms or that they make the guest check-in process impersonal. Others are concerned that a VMS is an expensive investment or that it is only appropriate for enterprises with major security issues.


However, how a company can profit from a visitor management system is heavily dependent on their understanding of what a VMS can accomplish, as practically all organizations that have visitors may profit from one. The first step in understanding how a VMS might assist your firm is to refute these six prevalent VMS misconceptions.



MYTH #1: Visitor Management Software Lack a Human Touch

Businesses want their customers and staff to have a great front-desk experience, but many are concerned that automating operations would eliminate the human touch.


The reality is that a digital sign-in solution may assist guests rapidly connect to your organization’s and brand’s personal touch, as well as the visitor experience. A first impression may be made in as little as 7 seconds. Visitor management systems replace and automate time-consuming manual operations, resulting in a more seamless visitor experience. VMS technology is efficient, flexible, and developed with a human connection in mind while upgrading your front desk, with a customized touch screen or contactless sign-in.


MYTH #2: Visitor Management Systems Only Aid in Security

Visitor management systems are indeed an effective security measure. A VMS can reduce physical security concerns such as workplace theft as well as data security breaches. Visitor management systems accomplish so much more and aid so many other business tasks within the firm.


Here are some other ways that a visitor management system might assist your organization:


To safeguard your workplace from the danger of infectious illnesses, do contract tracking and health checks.


Facilitate the use of digital agreements and NDAs to quickly enforce regulatory compliance and replace dangerous time-consuming paperwork.


Using customized branding, you can personalize your greeting to your audience.


Using a digital in-out board, you can streamline employee sign-in and track all employee movements on a single dashboard.


Print professional-looking badges in seconds using WiFi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet.


Pre-register and recall guests for faster registration and a good first impression.


Businesses that use their VMS capabilities throughout their whole business should expect a high ROI. Understanding the spectrum of capabilities provided in a VMS is the first step toward fully utilizing them.

MYTH #3: Visitor Management Systems Displaced People's Jobs

Businesses may be concerned that a VMS may eliminate key receptionist employees, contributing to the country’s rising unemployment problems. When combined with a live receptionist, visitor management solutions can be much more effective. Rather than viewing a VMS as a replacement for a human function, organizations may consider it as a tool for optimizing operations and supporting a dynamic front desk experience. Receptionists have a lot on their plates every day, so automating tedious chores will free them up to focus on the most important ones.


With self-service registration, front-desk workers may focus on providing a pleasant experience by answering queries, taking calls, and providing refreshments. A contactless VMS can even assist in minimizing the spread of COVID-19 when organizations update cleaning procedures following CDC standards. Employees may also make use of a contactless sign-in.

MYTH #4: Only large businesses should consider upgrading to a VMS

Smaller organizations that use a manual visitor logbook may regard a digital VMS as an extravagance reserved for big corporations. Quality visitor management solutions are, in fact, scalable for all organizations.


Paper logbooks are becoming obsolete as more firms embrace digital change. Visitors are growing accustomed to contemporary front desks and may look down on businesses that continue to use pen-and-paper techniques. A VMS reduces, if not eliminates, paper procedures that can have a detrimental influence on the front desk experience and your business in the long run.

Furthermore, visitor management systems pay off in ways that make them a wise investment for businesses of all sizes. As previously said, bespoke branding and contactless sign assist in creating a memorable first impression. This seamless, personalized experience may result in improved hiring, impressing crucial business partners, and happier workers who propel your company ahead.

 Digital in-out boards assist employees in swiftly registering when they arrive at the office, alleviating them of annoying bottlenecks and enabling them more time for productive tasks.

MYTH #5: Digital Sign-In Poses a Greater Security Risk

When personal information is obtained, it is natural to wonder how it will be used and preserved. Visitor management solutions are a safer approach to guarantee that the data of your employees, customers, and visitors are safeguarded, encrypted, and secure.


Paper visitor logs are vulnerable to dangers such as office theft, damage, or human mistake. Paper files can be lost and inadvertently left in plain sight, exposing them to serious security threats. Digital forms securely gather and store visitor information in the cloud, where no one can access it. Without the requirement for paper files, visitor movements and files may be instantly retrieved as needed.

MYTH #6: All Visitor Tracking Software Are The Same

VMS are not all made equal. Businesses want a superior visitor management system with an entire range of features to profit from the complete range of capabilities offered by a VMS. For organizations of all sizes, Prusight provides an all-in-one visitor management system. Businesses can overcome their misunderstandings about visitor management systems and begin employing Prusight to streamline front desk operations with a simple design, world-class support, and built-in compliance.

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