If you’re unfamiliar with visitor management systems, choosing one for your business or your workplace can be daunting. How do you evaluate the tools that are of high priority? Which visitor management system perfectly fits your organization’s needs? To answer these questions, we’ve highlighted 5 key features to consider while choosing a visitor management system.

Choose features that help will your business organize, simplify, & accelerate the visitor management process

Visitor management processes can do a lot more than just check visitors in. These powerful systems are designed to automate the check-in process with no manual effort or minimal supervision from staff. They offer a contactless sign-in experience, they come with the ability to print visitor badges, present policies, and walk the visitors through safety videos along with evacuation management.

They come with unlimited pre-registration features, which enable the hosts to sign up their guests even before they arrive, allowing for a faster check-in process once the visitor arrives at the premises. Combined with the ability to customize the check-in fields, visitor management systems can be tailored to address your company’s unique needs and make the process of tracking and monitoring visitors to your office faster.

Choose features that assure security, safety, & privacy for your organization

Keep in mind that, when visitors arrive at your premises, you’re responsible for their safety. This includes data security along with general health and safety best practices (such as ensuring they can be accounted for during an emergency evacuation). During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to offer contactless sign-in and visitor screening questions is a crucial consideration for added safety measures to reduce the risk of the virus entering the workplace.

Any data that they provide as part of your visitor policy should also be kept safe and secure. Paper-based processes are not only inefficient, but they’re also vulnerable to breaches and can easily be stolen or copied. On the other hand, a visitor management system can add additional layers of security that ensure proper identification, tracking, as well as data security and privacy.

For example, features like visitor categories let you know who is on-site at all times. Visitor evacuation checklists ensure their safety in case of emergencies. Visitor and employee photo capture ensures quicker visitor check-ins and identification. Cloud-based platforms also ensure that your visitor management platform is engineered for redundancy, with secure data encryption at all times.

Ensure that the visitor management system has features that comply with government regulations & requirements

Businesses have to answer to specific regulatory laws and frameworks. Therefore, organizations need to implement a system that allows them to easily comply with regulations, while also ensuring ease of use for end-users.

If you’re going to implement a digital visitor management system, make sure that it’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. The GDPR is an EU privacy law that was implemented back in 2018. It imposes a stringent set of rules and policies that require organizations to approach data privacy for EU citizens in a more comprehensive way.

A GDPR compliant visitor management system enables businesses to comply with core principles of the regulation by prioritizing transparency, ensuring that clear consent is given, and providing adequate security for information collected and stored in the system.

The system should gather data, display them on an intuitive dashboard & generate useful reports

One of the key benefits of visitor management software is how it improves the guest and employee experience in the workplace. How? By allowing businesses to be more proactive about improving current systems. 

Reports can deliver analytics, metrics, as well as qualitative and quantitative data. Organizations can gain insight that can help streamline company processes and policies. For instance, you can obtain more information on how visitors interact with the system, or how long it normally takes for guests to check-in at the front desk. You can also check the frequency of visits, and assess what time you get the most guests. This allows you to easily adjust processes and manpower at the front desk to accommodate it.

The system should scale to support your growing business needs

Any technology that you invest in now should be able to scale with you as your business grows. For example, if your current visitor management software is only being used for one entrance, but you just recently expanded your office and now have several entry points, can your system easily manage several locations? More to the point, will you have to invest in additional hardware?

The best visitor management software can easily expand to meet your growing visitor traffic needs and facility layout. Tablet-based platforms like Prusight, for instance, only require additional devices to easily manage multiple entry-points.

The key to finding the right platform is by understanding your organization’s unique needs so the suitable features are implemented. Additionally, the ability to reach out to a reliable customer service team for support should always be an important consideration before making your selection. The ideal visitor management system should be simple and user-friendly, for visitors as well as for the business implementing them. That said, you will inevitably need to reach out to the vendor regarding troubleshooting certain features or questions about your subscription renewal. Whatever the case, a reliable and available customer support team is important for a successful implementation.

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