Here are the 4 important aspects to consider before implementing a hot desking solution at your workplace

Although the name looks trendy and has garnered a lot of interest amongst HRs and Facility Managers, hot desking simply means a smart approach to manage your employees and manage your workplace more efficiently.

Before you plunge into the idea of implementing this culture in your organization, do consider if it is the right choice for your organization, your employees and your workplace’s unique culture.

Here are the four elementary questions that we have put together to help you determine the best answers for your business. 

What does “hot desking” mean to you & your organization?

Hot Desking simply means a culture of shared desks and this has been in practice for decades now. There are instances where employees work from a single desk, but at different times or on a rotation basis. Employees in various other sectors like hospitality, restaurants and corporates also use a shared space to connect with each other, customers & clients.

Hot desking means multiple employees using a single space on different schedules. For instance, a conference room could be booked by an employee for a scheduled period of time for phone calls or consultations, post which other employees can book the same space for their specific task.

Given the current pandemic situation and the remote work culture, it makes sense to start using hot desking solutions, to efficiently use the available space in the organization. The desks could be shared with several employees working in different shifts to ensure the safety of the employee is met alongside sanitizing the space when the employee gives up the space for another employee to come in.

What’s your primary motivation for implementing a hot desking solution?

It might be trendy and you might be curious. But is that motive sufficient to go ahead with implementing hot desking solutions? Not necessarily. 

You need to have a clear sense of “why” while you are exploring these options and also explain the same to your employees. 

One of the major factors we have seen over a period of time is the real estate costs that push the organizations to employ a hot desking solution. We all agree to the fact that real costs are always on a high and it can be extremely difficult to have large office spaces, which are more often underutilized in the current situation. Statistics indicate that most office spaces are underutilized by about 70% with an alarmingly increasing real estate cost. 

Hot desking is an innovative way to shrink an organization’s square footage needs. With hot desking solutions in place, you could use less space with limited furnishings, chairs, monitors and keyboards. This also means an easier way for employers to set up and maintain offices with smaller footprints.

How does it impact your employees?

It is very important to study employees working at your organization, their routine and workplace culture to better assess how hot desking might impact them.

For few employees working in creative fields, the idea of having shared spaces, interacting closely with their teams, might be a great idea. But for some who need more privacy, to focus on their work, hot desking is a great solution.

If you do decide to implement hot desking, ensure you give special consideration to privacy and individual differences. Ensure you have a safe locker where your on-site employees can store their personal items without invading each other’s privacy which could be the case if they were to share a desk with a drawer. Implementing clear, equitable means of reserving shared space can minimize conflicts, too.

Staying sensitive to an employee’s physical or emotional needs is crucial, more so, when you are trying to bring about a major transformation in the organization.

How does it impact the overall morale of your organization?

While an individual’s preference may vary from a traditional office set up to a hot desking culture, the physical design of a workspace can dramatically impact office culture.

Ergonomics, also to a large extent, impacts the morale of the employee and the organization. If a long time employee is asked to give up his space and furnishings, it is certainly bound to have a greater impact. 

Have you incorporated remote working culture in your organization now? If so, then hot desking might be a great idea as it provides employees the freedom to work where and when they want to. This particularly holds good for those individuals with longer commutes and parents. 

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